Thursday, June 24, 2010

Edamame Salad with Strawberries and Basil

My edemame salad incorporates both sweet strawberries and spicy jalapeno. This summer salad recipe keeps your kitchen cool and your mouth hot. Packed with protein, antioxidants and fiber, it’s the perfect food to refuel with after a workout. Eat as is or with seared tuna and steamed brown jasmine rice.

What You Need:

1 ½ cups shelled edemame, cooked
1 cup strawberries, diced
½ red pepper, diced
¼ cup red onion, diced
¼ cup fresh basil, minced
½ jalapeno, minced
1 tsp honey
Juice of ½ a lime
1/8 tsp kosher salt
1/8 tsp freshly cracked black pepper

What To Do:

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir until well combined. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Serves 2-3

Bon App├ętit!


Cassie said...

You are very talented in the kitchen missy! This looks amazing too! You inspire me to get my butt in the kitchen :)

What's Cookin' with Mary? said...

Thanks Cassie !! Glad my cooking adventures have inspired at least one person ;D

Linda said...

WOW!! I love, love, love edamame, in anything! But add in those gorgeous berries - even better! I'm in the Seattle area and the berries should be in high gear in a couple months. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!

What's Cookin' with Mary? said...

@ Linda: I'm looking forward to berry season also !

Jennifer and Jaclyn @ sketch-free vegan said...

beautiful salad! We would love it if you submitted it to our health food photo site:

What's Cookin' with Mary? said...

@ Jennifer & Jaclyn: Thank you & I am definitely interested in posting!

Anonymous said...

I love the colours! Cooking with colour is so much fun. Just wondering, do you use fresh or frozen edamame? The frozen ones I get always look so sad and small after they have been shelled. Not sure if it's just because they're frozen or if I'm buying from the wrong supplier.

What's Cookin' with Mary? said...

@ bunnyeatsdesign: I agree! I learned from Giada de Laurentes that you eat with your eyes first... and when I can I try and use brightly colored ingredients. That way, you know you're also getting a wider variety of nutrients. Taste the rainbow..? I kid. In answer to your question, I use the already shelled frozen edamame. I've tried many brands and I find that they're all about the same as long as they have already been shelled.

Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living said...

I love both edamame and strawberries, but have never thought to combine them - great idea!

What's Cookin' with Mary? said...

@ Lauren: I really wanted this salad to be packed with nutrients (brightly colored produce) and be tasty... and I think it delivers. For a real kick, I like to add a whole jalapeno with it's seeds instead of just half.

Lynn said...

Ooh, this one looks delicious, too, Mary. I never would have thought to put edamame in salad before, but I made an outstanding shrimp salad with edamame this spring and now I am sold! We actually even grew some edamame this year in the garden. Just finished up a bowlful :) I'll bet it's great with strawberries.

What's Cookin' with Mary? said...

@ Lynn: The sweetness of the strawberries and honey with a little heat from the jalapeno really take the flavors over the top in this salad.
YUM, edamame + shrimp sounds wonderful! Did you write a blog post on it? I would love to hear what was in it.

Lynn said...

Mary, here's the link to the shrimp edamame salad post that I wrote:
It will take you to a nutrition newsletter link; the salad is the third recipe on there. It is really super.

And thanks again for your great pasta salad recipe, as well as all the other delicious things you offer at your site. Yum, yum, yum :)

What's Cookin' with Mary? said...

@ Lynn: Thanks for the link! That salad sounds right up my alley. I love shrimp, edamame AND citrus! Again, you're SO welcome for the pasta salad recipe :)

Anonymous said...

The Edamame salad with strawberries and basil is delicious!! My boyfriend even liked it! On another note, my step father was a critic so I added shelled sunflower seeds to the recipe and he was taken with it as well. GREAT RECIPE!!

What's Cookin' with Mary? said...

@ anon: I'm so glad you and your family liked it! Sunflower seeds... may have to try that next time. Sounds pretty tasty to me.